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Other Inspection Services

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Get a Radon Inspection or Other Service from Experts Serving Grand Junction, CO, Western Colorado, Eastern Utah, and the Surrounding Areas

Do you want to make sure that a property is safe? Our additional inspection services are available to provide you with peace of mind. We can provide you with a radon inspection, lead inspection, or asbestos inspection.

You’ll get the high-quality service you deserve when you work with us. If you’re near Grand Junction, CO, Western Colorado, Eastern Utah, or the surrounding areas, then consider calling today to learn more.

Our Additional Services

  • Radon Inspection: Radon is a colorless, odorless gas that’s impossible to detect without professional assistance. It’s one of the leading causes of lung cancer, so it’s important to make sure it’s not filling your building. Getting radon testing from a professional inspector can help give you peace of mind.
  • Lead Inspection: Lead-based is toxic and can cause a number of health problems if left unaddressed. If you’re worried about it in your home, then consider getting a lead inspection.
  • Asbestos Inspection: Asbestos was commonly used in many older buildings. Nowadays, however, people know how serious a health risk it can be. Many older homes may still have asbestos in them; find out if yours is safe by getting an asbestos inspection.
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Want to make sure your or commercial building home is safe? Then get an inspection from us!

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Text: If you’re ready to get fantastic inspection service near Grand Junction, CO, Western Colorado, Eastern Utah, and the surrounding areas, then consider contacting us. Get in touch today to request a free estimate.

Our Inspection Services

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Home Buyer Inspections

You want to make sure that you're purchasing a property without any hidden issues. Get a home buyer inspection from a professional today and avoid making a poor buying decision.

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Home Seller Inspections

If you want to make as much money off your home as possible, then you’ll likely want to fix any issues ahead of time. Find and address them by getting a home seller inspection today.

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Commercial Inspections

Are you worried about the condition of a commercial property? If so, then getting a commercial property inspection from a professional can give you the peace of mind you need.

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Property Inspections

As a property manager, you want to make sure that your rental property is in good condition. At BTI Inspection Service, we can inspect your property to make sure everything’s working properly.

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Other Inspection Services

In addition to our standard home inspection services, we can also provide clients with radon testing, asbestos inspections, and lead inspections. Get more details by calling today.